Peace of Mind and Savings if You Need a Repair

No one wants to be left in the cold if their oil burner quits in the middle of December. That’s why Brideau offers a complete service plan to our customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Our Service Plan Includes: 

    • A comprehensive annual tune-up performed by our certified technicians.
      • Annual maintenance is highly recommended on all heating systems in New England.
        • To keep your system running at peak efficiency for energy savings.
        • To lower your chance of a system breakdown, and to be prepared for future replacement.
        • Regular preventive maintenance can extend the life of your system and may be required for equipment warranty validation.
    • 15 % discount on:
      • service fees
      • diagnostic fees
      • replacement parts.
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service. 
      • Emergency service when you lose heat.
      • Our average time of arrival is 3 hours on nights and weekends.

Having a service plan provides our customers with peace of mind.  Knowing that if anything goes wrong, the professionals from Brideau will be there soon to fix the problem.

Secure your oil price and service plan today. Contact us or call our office to learn more.