Annual Maintenance to Lower Your Fuel Use and Help Your Equipment Run Trouble Free

Your heating system runs almost constantly for months on end, which is why preventive maintenance is so important. It becomes less efficient and reliable as it accumulates dust and dirt. This costs you money in increased utility and repair bills. Most manufacturers of heating systems recommend a comprehensive annual tune-up to help keep your heating system running reliably and efficiently. In fact, their warranties often require them!

Each year our heating technicians perform hundreds of tune-ups for our customers. Helping to ensure that their heating systems will run dependably, efficiently and safely throughout the long New England winter.

In addition to checking your filters, our heating service specialist will inspect your flue pipe and chimney flue, clean all burner parts including the burner head, use combustion test equipment to measure efficiency, adjust the burner for maximum efficiency, and then test-start your system—twice.

A tune-up service helps us spot small problems before they become big, expensive ones, and it helps you avoid an emergency service call on the coldest day of the year. It cuts down on expensive repairs and increases your system’s efficiency, which means it saves you money.

Don’t run the risk of a breakdown in the middle of winter. Schedule your annual heating system tune-up today and we’ll try to accommodate your chosen appointment time.