High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems by TRANE and FUJITSU

Brideau Energy offers an air conditioning service plan to keep your system run smoothly and increase cooling system efficiency during summer. We are an authorized dealer of Trane and Fujitsu central air conditioning systems. Our HVAC installation team has installed hundreds of new AC systems in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And we can design a high-efficiency cooling system for your home, too.

The number one problem we find when we estimate a new system is that the existing system is either too large or too small to effectively and efficiently cool the home. Our AC equipment specialists can design a system that will keep every room in your home comfortably cool—even on the hottest days in July or August. Fast and professional installation and repairs with a team that you can count on.

Ductless AC system by Fujitsu

Some older homes cannot accommodate a full, ducted AC system. This is why we offer the innovative—and energy-efficient—ductless system by Fujitsu. This streamlined system mounts unobtrusively on a wall to provide cool comfort to virtually any space in your home. Brideau Energy can provide the skill and services you need to keep you comfortable throughout the steamy summer. Install a new energy efficient ductless or a traditional central air conditioning system to save on your electric bills.

Ensure your comfort and savings next summer. Please contact us today for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION estimate.