Spread Out Your Fuel Costs and Avoid Big Winter Bills

Brideau Energy offers 2 Budget Plans that help make your life easier by offering simple, smaller and consistent payments throughout the year.

We recognize it can be hard to pay for most of your heating expenses in December through February when the temps are at their coldest and the Holidays (along with Holiday bills) are upon us!

To help our customers avoid this perfect storm of high expenses, we have created our Simple Budget Plan, and our Smart Budget Plan.

Simple Budget Plan

With our Simple Budget Plan, we estimate the number of gallons you will use for the entire season (based on your history), and we multiply that volume by the estimated oil price. We then divide this total season budget by 12 equal monthly payments.

  • This is simply an estimate based on current pricing and past usage.
  • The price of oil will change according to the market rates.
    • Prices could fluctuate throughout the season

Smart Budget Plan

Our Smart Budget Plan is the same as above, except that we add a small fee per gallon (like insurance) to “Cap” your oil price.

  • This is a 12-month budget plan just like our Simple Budget.
  • Plus, we add a small fee per gallon to “Cap” your price.
    • If prices go up – you still pay the same “Capped Rate”
    • If prices go down – you pay the lower rate.

This plan offers families more peace of mind, by removing the worry of increasing oil prices throughout the season, while still allowing you to save if prices go lower.

Additional Pricing and Policy Options

Pre-Paid Plans

We offer programs for our customers who prefer to pre-pay for their oil. Please click here for pre-payment and pre-paid + capped pricing plans.

  • To learn more about our Pre-Payment Plans, please call our office directly.

Now Offering Budgeting for Service Policies

For complete “Peace of Mind”, add the cost of your service policy to your budget payments!  As little as $16 per month, our Silver Service Policy includes your annual maintenance service, priority scheduling, 24-hour emergency service, plus discounts on parts and labor!

  • You can click here or call our office directly for more details about our service policies.

Other Options and Notes Regarding Budgets and Plans

  • The actual price for these plans will vary day-to-day until your plan is initiated.
  • We typically offer 12-month plans from May through July.
  • After July we may be able to offer lesser month plans as requested.

To learn more or to enroll in our budget pay program, please contact us today.